Beacon Support Services is a specialist cleaning and decontamination service provider, providing support services to public transport, pharmaceutical companies, local authorities and a vast array of private sector businesses since our launch in 1983

Beacon offer a comprehensive range of excellent services including deep cleaning, rope access, pharmaceutical decontamination , window cleaning, HVAC maintenance and carpet/floor care, all delivered directly through experienced and certified staff.

The quality of our services is based on the expertise of Beacon's trained, specialist staff coupled with our continued investment in cutting edge technology. Together this allows us to offer our clients an efficient, safe and cost effective product.

MEWP / Cherry Pickers

Where conventional methods of cleaning are not suitable for certain buildings, Beacon Support Services have access to a vast array of modern mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP's). Commonly referred to as cherry pickers these high level platforms offer a safe working environment allowing access to hard to reach areas. All our MEWP operators are highly experienced and are trained to IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) standards and carry individual photographic licence's.


Beacon Support Services are competent in the safe use of all types of fixed roof top cradle apparatus. These in situ systems are utilised when cleaning the elevations of high rise buildings and all our operatives are fully trained and inducted on each specific cradle system prior to the commencement of any works.


Beacon Support Services recognises that ladders should only be used after a suitable assessment of the alternatives and the prevailing site conditions. The selection process for access equipment is coming under increasing scrutiny at HSE inspections. All ladders at Beacon are safety tested and tagged. This guidance clarifies that for short duration work like window cleaning, provided a number of well-recognised precautions are taken, ladders will remain a common tool for many jobs.